I received a recurring question from a veteran who no longer supports President Trump. He seems to continually ask the same question over and over. What if President Obama had done what president Trump has done? He then goes on to list things Talking Heads at CNN, MSNBC and elsewhere hype up and harp on. You know the drill, Putin, Porn Star, and the list goes on and on. It feels like Groundhog Day!

He concludes with this question:

My questions are not about why Trump is acting this way, it is would you accept the same behavior from Obama, either Clinton, any other person?

I believe this is the last time I will try and answer this question. If someone doesn’t accept my response I don’t know what else to say. Here it is in a nutshell.

If in his first 18 months of taking office President Obama had lowered our taxes, deregulated so business could thrive, strengthened the military, worked to reform the VA, passed the Right to try Act, lowered the number of people on food stamps, added record numbers of jobs, brought manufacturing back, renegotiated bad trade agreements, tried to make peace with North Korea, tore up the Paris climate agreement, tore up the Iran deal, defeated ISIS, increased the average pay for Americans, got NATO to start paying what they promised, Etc., I would have supported him and voted for him for a second term.

You may argue some of the facts above but you cannot deny them all. If President Obama had done just some of these things in his entire 8 years and acted like Trump I would have been OK with him acting like President Trump.

Yes, I would have voted for Hillary or any person who ran on the same platforms Trump ran on regardless of their personal habits and unorthodox ways of getting the job done.

I, like many Americans, are policy and results oriented. We are more impressed with positive outcomes than personal behavior. We are tired of hearing the same old divisive complaints from the Left. That seems to be all the anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats can do, divide, complain and put America last instead of America first. They have not produced results! 

It is time we all started thinking for ourselves and not emoting about the things the anti-Trump people want us to feel. If you separate your emotions from the actual results you may start to see why Trump supporters continue to stand by him.

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