by ‘Navyman Norm’ – Strongsville, OH

This 78-year-old proud Veteran of the United States Navy is often asked “why” I wear my Red Trump ball cap wherever I go. The answer is quite simple: “I wear my Red Trump ball cap because I live in a country where I can wear it!”

I wear my Red Trump ball cap, proudly. Not because I like wearing ball caps, not because I enjoy sending a message to those who hate seeing it, and what it stands for; not because I like and support President Trump, which of course, I do.

No boys-and-girls, I like wearing my Red Trump Ball cap because it reminds me of a man who gave up a fortune to run for President of the United States, against ALL odds knowing he was an underdog; knowing full well he and his family would be savaged, scorned, laughed at and lied about his accomplishments and qualifications to run for president by members of his own party, his opponents and the Fake News media. He was attacked with such vicious hatred and vitriol, that a lesser man would have quit.

I wear my Red Trump ball cap because Donald Trump was and is not a “lesser man”. I wear my Red Trump ball cap because of his tenacity and fight for “what is RIGHT” about America, the American people, and our way of life.

No matter how much his opponents threw at him, lied about him, slandered him and his wife and children, he never gave up! All the polls, all the ‘eggsperts’, networks, newspapers, said he would lose by the greatest margin ever. He didn’t believe them. And neither did I. Their unending hatred of what Donald Trump said and campaigned on, lets “Make America Great Again,” set their hair on fire.

They, of course, knew better; they were the illegitimate offspring of Obama’s “Hope and Change” fraud, who apologized for being Americans, who wantonly spent our tax dollars on handouts and welfare; a bastardized Heath care system, Obamacare, that was anything but; who daily condemned our men and women of our military and police departments; ridiculed God and Christianity, and made abortion and infanticide the sacraments of the democrat party.

They even went so far for as bribing Iran, (the number one sponsor and funder of world terrorism) with $450 billion dollars in cash and gold, Obama and Kerry groveled before Iran, begging the Mullahs on their knees to accept their “bribes”.
The democrats AND their accomplices in the news media chose a candidate, Hillary, whose single greatest accomplishment was LYING. Especially lying about her role in the murder of four brave Americans, including one ambassador at Benghazi. Hillary’s mantra “what difference did it make” was an insult to the families of the four Benghazi heroes and the entire country. She even lied and cheated ‘Commie Wannabe Bernie’ to get the nomination of the democrat party.

And after she did, Hillary called us “a basket of Deplorables, made up of racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” people.” Remember? I do. I wear my Red Trump ball cap today to answer the Lying’ Beeeaaaacch of Benghazi.

Candidate Trump took on all comers, sixteen other Republican candidates, and then the woman who would be crowned “Queen of the United States”. Unfortunately for Hillary, her lapdogs in the Fake News Media, and Obama’s corrupt cadre of seditionists and traitors, Donald Trump out thought, outworked and outfought them all to become the 45th President of the United States. He inspired this partially disabled 78-year-old Navy Veteran and so, I put on my Red Trump ball cap and volunteered in Trump’s campaign. And will again in 2020.

“They” all said it couldn’t be done. ”They” all said how dare he! “They,” the Obama lackeys in the FBI, CIA, and NSA, said ‘we have an insurance policy to get rid of President Trump,’ making up shit about treasonous Russian collusion. When in fact, “They” were the real colluders and traitors. For three long years, “They” and their willing accomplices in the democrat party and Fake News media, have tried every dirty, filthy trick in their “Impeach Trump Playbook” to overturn the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump, as President of the United States.

And me? I proudly wear my Red Trump ball cap, because of “Them”.

President Trump did almost everything he promised us: a great US economy with less job-killing regulations; the lowest Unemployment on ever, especially for Blacks and Hispanics and Women; a US military force second to none; the moving of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; the defunding of Planned Holocausthood and UN funded foreign abortions; the banning of immigrants from five terrorist countries; the fight for a newer, larger border wall; an income tax cut for middle class Americans; and the appointment of 146 Federal Judges and two Conservative Supreme Court Justices; and giving Veterans like me a “choice” in using private doctors in addition to VA health care.

All despite being viciously attacked, vilified, hated and lied about by his enemies in the do-nothing democrat party, the Fake News media, and Harlotwood, since day one of his Inauguration. President Trump asks “no quarter, nor does he give any quarter.” Nor do I!
Ask me again, Fake News whores, why do I wear my Red Trump ball cap proudly?

Because I love my God; I love and served my country and would gladly do so again; and because I love and fear for the safety of my family in a country without a President, the likes of Donald J. Trump.

MAGA 2020!!


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