Mac and Mike ask questions about the J6 hearings. What is a hearing supposed to look like? What do they hope to achieve? Why bring in a hearsay witness that was immediately discredited by Secret Service agents that were actually there? Why continue it any longer?

Since the video recording last week I have come to a simple conclusion. Look what has been in the news since the hearings have been on break. The focus immediately went back to the following:

  • Gas and food prices
  • Baby formula & supply chain shortages continue
  • The Biden-Made Disaster at the border
  • The amount of money America is putting into Ukraine
  • Biden and Harris incapable of being articulate or solving problems
  • The release of our Strategic Oil Reserve to China!
  • The audio recording verifying Joe Biden lied about being involved in Hunter’s dealings with China.

It is all about distracting people but it is not working.

O’Reilly makes some good points as well. 

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