It is not the obvious lies that you need to watch for. It is the things you are inclined to believe without question.

How easy is it to agree with someone telling you what you want to hear or what you are inclined to believe? Someone who seems credible passes along bad information. You, being an honest & trusting person pass it along to others. Since you are an honest person others believe you and pass it along. Before you know it you have an “idiot brushfire” on your hands. Only you can prevent idiot brushfires.

If you are a regular reader or listener now that these posts can be read to you, you will notice I put in a lot of source links in some articles. You may also notice I don’t spend too much time making fun of CNN, MSNBC, and the other left so-called news outlets. That is just too easy. It’s like making fun of low I.Q. people. Besides, FOX News Greg Gutfeld does a good job of that.

The steps I take to prevent idiot brushfires are as follows:

  • When a news story breaks wait a couple of days for the truth to come out.
  • Approach everything with a certain level of skepticism.
  • Be especially careful if you are inclined to strongly believe something.
  • Even when you think you know something check current facts the best you can.
  • Seek multiple sources.
  • Ask questions and listen to reasonable opposing points of view.
  • Own your mistakes and misconceptions.

This helps with all kinds of things. Not just politics. A friend confessed that he was a flat earther. He thought I would judge him as an idiot right away. Instead, I asked for real evidence and for him to try the experiments himself. Then I really blew his mind.

I pointed out that Leonard Susskind suggests the entire universe is flat and the 3-dimensional space we occupy is something akin to a hologram. If you do not know who Leonard Susskind is then I highly suggest you click the link provided. In short, he is one of the “fathers” of String Theory. Of course, my friend started reading more about him and watching videos. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Now, I am not saying the earth is flat. Even if the universe is flat and we are some sort of projection of 2 dimensions into three dimensions. Our state of experience is 3 dimensions and from our perspective, the earth is roundish like the other planets. I have been high enough in a jet to see the curvature of the earth. Too many people have gone into orbit by now. If the earth was flat from a human perspective we would know it. However, I’m not going to bust on my friend for thinking otherwise. It is a free country and his beliefs do not affect anything important.

My buddy Mac and I are different. Below is an excerpt from a video I did with Mac. He did not realize I had started recording until a few minutes into the video. This is his unfiltered view of how I approach things.


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