I received a brief statement as a Post submitted using our anonymous Post link. It is too short to go out as an entire post. It is time I take down that link. I never get proper articles through there. Instead, I will use the contact form. If you have something you think should be addressed I will take your thoughts and post about it when I have time. If you want your name displayed I will add that option. The area quoted below was all that was submitted and I had to correct it to make it intelligible.

Every General involved in Afghanistan over the last 20 years should have their pensions clawed back. The military needs to be cleansed of incompetent leaders. If a private lost his weapon he would get in more trouble than these Generals who created this catastrophe.

Yes, a guy who loses his weapon would have received more discipline than our incompetent leaders of all sorts, not just General officers! Of course, there are those who see war and nation-building as an opportunity to advance their careers. It is part of the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned about.

I never thought we should have stayed longer than it took to show the Afghan leaders we meant business. The war technically started on 7 Oct 2001 and they were defeated by 17 Dec 2001. We should have told them to straighten up their act and left with a warning that we could do this “rodeo” all over again if they wanted. Bin Laden could have been found sooner or later by the NSA or CIA and taken out. In addition, we could have taken out other top leadership to dissuade further attacks. I know there are many who would disagree with me. However, in the final analysis, what did we achieve?

Another thing we could have done and still could do is stop paying Pakistan. They are the ones that protected Bin Laden as well as Taliban leaders. We are doing this to ourselves under a misguided belief that we must since Pakistan has Nuclear Weapons. Should we support them if they protect those who would do us harm? No. Pakistan’s Nuclear weapons are not mainly a threat to us. It is a problem between India and Pakistan. Besides, I am sure we watch them very closely in relation to Nukes.

In my humble opinion t is not simply the “incompetent” Generals that need to be fired. It is what Trump referred to as the Deep State. It is the unelected bureaucrats and Intel Agencies that really run the show that should be fired. As Trump said, “Drain the Swamp.” The problem is the swamp is too big and ferocious.

Personally, I think we are a lost nation in decline. All good things must end. I hope I am wrong but the signs are everywhere. The fact that people were so emotional over Trump that they put a damaged incompetent person like Biden and Harris into office is proof enough that we are lost. I get it. People did not like Trump’s way of doing things or his personality. However, sometimes it takes an asshole like Trump to straighten things out. What part of that don’t adults with unruly kids get?

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