Are you going to be guilty of Treason? You cannot provide the enemy with aid and comfort and expect to win the war. 

In a post on November 7th I mentioned that we need to crush Big Tech. Of all the things we have to do this is something that can be done soon and with just a little effort. There are some great alternatives to FB & Twitter (Bastards that they are). seems to be the most popular replacement for FB and some are using Parler or Gab to replace Twitter. You cannot find Gab on the Play Store or on the Apple App Store. You have to go to this website to get the app. Yep, they’ve been banned for being supporters of free speech! Parler is soon going to be in the same boat according to this article.

I just opened a account to replace Facebook. Many of my friends & other veterans have moved there. It is free and fairly intuitive. However, it gives much more privacy and that might take a little getting used to. There are NO Ads, No spyware, and No censorship. You will find liberals and conservative groups there as well as most of your favorites. I mention liberals and conservatives because a friend was concerned it would become a conservative echo chamber. It won’t. It is a free speech zone.

One big difference is Pages and Posts when set to Public are only visible to MeWe members. If you are in marketing and looking for backlinks to websites to build SEO it won’t work for that. Privacy is the default setting. If you want things to be visible to all MeWe members and not just your contacts you have to set it that way. It is easy to switch back and forth on an individual Post basis.

MeWe has chat, voice, and video calling just like FB. It is limited to 8 gigs of storage for images and videos for free. I purchased the $4.99 per month plan right away simply because I believe in what they are doing. I don’t think I’ll need the space for years to come so I view it as a contribution.

Hopefully, President Trump will Jump Ship after this election. Again, I say: You cannot provide the enemy with aid and comfort and expect to win the war. Frankly, that is Treason!

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