We need your help. The situation in Kabul has dramatically deteriorated and the Taliban has taken complete control of Kabul minus HKAIA. This has caused a mass exodus of local Afghans fearing for their lives under Taliban control.

Currently, aid has been set up in the border country of Turkmenistan on the road. The evacuation is funded by American veterans. The route goes from Ashgabat to the border of Afghanistan to the east and south. Current intel suggests about 3000 people are on this route in fear of their lives.

No support from coalition forces has been given to these faithful patriots!  They have family members that have served as interpreters for the coalition forces. If we do not act and continue to do so they will be slaughtered by the terrorist forces.

Veterans for America First is accepting donations to help various organizations assist in this program. Please share with your friends and donate at this link if you can!


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