Wouldn’t it be a hoot to see a President take the podium at the State of the Union Address and start by saying: “The State of the Union is, well, it could be worse.” That would be the most honest thing Joe Biden could say. After all the nuclear bombs have not fallen yet. It wouldn’t be a lie.

If you have not yet heard, President Trump will be fact-checking President Biden live during the State of the Union Address. It is already being anticipated with great interest. I can hear the left now “Trump made 30,573 false or misleading statements during his time in office”. However, it is important to note that this particular statement is also false, misleading or suspect as there is no debate or defense. This raises the question: who is fact-checking the fact-checkers?

It appears that the media, led by individuals such as Jeff Bezos, may have a vested interest in holding Trump accountable for his statements. Notice they are not doing this level of so called fact checking with Biden. Of course, Trump spoke for himself most of the time but Biden rarely speaks. I along with others speculated that this may be a form of retaliation for Trump’s criticism of the media as “Fake News.” However, it is worth noting Trump was right about the media is full of bias. misinformation & hypocrisy. Now that Elon Musk restored his Twitter (X) account this video he posted there is available again.

Whether it is labeled as propaganda, exaggeration, or misstatements, it is clear that the media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion. It is essential for viewers to critically evaluate the information presented to them and consider the potential biases at play. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the individual to discern the truth from the noise in today’s media landscape. All we know for sure is the State of the Union Address is always propaganda no matter who is giving it.

However, I do urge Republicans to show more respect for Biden than Nancy Pelosi did for Trump.

Nancy Pelosi tears up State of the Union Address FOX News

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