Follow up to the third question asked by our primary antagonist (Jon) commented on a previous post, Gullibility – Extremism – Disinformation – Cover Ups and Negative Outcomes. His comment was:

How many people who voted for Trump regret their vote? Probably a few more than for Biden.

You keep harping on Biden’s Scandals. Yet you completely ignore the Trump Scandals. How much proof is their on Biden’s Scandals? A whole lot less than the Trump Scandals. Why do you ignore the proof against Trump?

To answer Jon’s third question: Why do you ignore the proof against Trump?

One of the reasons Jon might think I’m ignoring scandals related to Trump is because Trump is not the current President. I have written well over 400 Posts on this website. I lost several hundred when I moved the website after the 2016 election.  If you find a scandal in relation to Trump that I have not previously addressed feel free to let me know and I’ll address it. There is a search feature on You can use it to see if I have commented on a scandal before.

Notice the name of this website. It is Vets for Trump, not vets against Trump. Of course, anyone who supports someone is going to downplay the negatives and emphasize the positives for their preferred person or party. This is true on both sides of the aisle. There is also the issue of how you see a scandal and what you call proof. There is an old saying having to do with faith but it applies to politics as well.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient.

Putting it in terms related to Jon’s question it could be said this way: Trump is guilty and no proof is necessary according to the left. Trump is innocent and no amount of proof would be sufficient according to the right. Obviously, the left impeached Trump twice but the Senate did not reach a guilty verdict. The same was true with the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

I care more about the policies a politician strongly promotes than how a politician makes someone feel. If Biden (or whoever is really in charge) made good policy decisions the right would likely ignore other things in his background including his mental decline.

Many of the scandalous things Trump did were before he was a President and when he was still a Democrat. Trump was well known long before he decided to run on the Republican ticket. In fairness, Trump has said some scandalous things as President. He hurt a lot of feelings.

Did anyone expect Trump to be anything different once he became a Republican President? I did not. Basic personality rarely changes in a significant way. This is especially true as we get older. Others thought Trump would be more “presidential” when he took office. What I loved about the guy was and is his transparency. You do not need to guess what he is thinking. He does not obfuscate like most politicians. For that, he is hated by some and loved by others. I guess that is a scandal from the left point of view.

I wish we could have “scandal” free politics. However, at 64 years of age, I have not seen evidence that this will ever be the case. In my lifetime, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden all have and had had their scandals and controversies. Politics is filled with one side accusing the other side of scandals.

I admit Trump was scandalous in that he said a lot of things that you would not expect to hear from a President. Some of those scandalous things were warranted and others were not. Below is an example of what I call a warranted scandal. It was scandalous to call out NATO in such a public way. He even admits he is being “very, very direct” which many called scandalous.

However, it resulted in them putting more money into NATO. They still have not completely lived up to their agreement.

Another scandalous thing Trump did was call out Germany and other European countries for getting most of their energy from Russia. Trump went on and on in this video. You only need to watch the first couple of minutes of this 5-minute video. In the end, he was proven right even though it was scandalous to talk this way.

Trump speaks in a scandalous way about many things. I guess he thrives on making sensitive people go nuts. That is what has happened to you, Jon, and many others like you.


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