Caution: This post contains content that may be unsuitable for some readers who hate President Trump. Read at your own risk.

Yesterday I posted an answer to a veteran who dislikes President Trump. A fellow veteran for Trump posted a comment that contains a question for me. I will answer that question in this post.

Full comment from NavyMan Norm

MSGT Kelly , you are wasting your precious time trying to convince demorat activists and Trump haters that this impeachment is a demorat fraud and a coup, orchestrated by the likes of Trump Hating, wannabe Socialists, Communists, and Seditonists. Led by the Unholy Trinity of James Clapper NSA (who perjured himself before Congress about NSA not listening in on everyday Americans); John “Al Qudz” Brennan CIA, whose first presidential vote in 1984 went to Gus Hall a Communist Party USA candidate for president; and James ” Snitch Bitch” Comey, FBI.

Lest we Veterans for Trump forget, the face of and Poster Girls for the demorat party:
Ilhan Omar, a virulent anti- America, anti-Jew and anti- Christian hating Somali bigamist; who, along with Rashida Tlaib, another anti American, anti Trump, Jew hating Palestinian poltroon; and Maxine “James Brown’s Wig” Watters, who gives new meaning to the words ‘racist moron’.

Regarding the Clintons, who made their Clinton Foundation the BIGGEST and Most corrupt SLUSH FUND ever, 7 percent goes to charity, 93 percent into the Clintons greedy hands, even the NY Times called them out for the lairs and thieves they are.

This brings this proud Veteran for Trump to the question: What the hell are Trump Hating, Trump supporter hating demorats, doing on our Veterans For Trump” web site? They belong on sites like Antifa, SPLC, Demorat Socialist Workers Party, and other America, Veteran, and Trump hating demorat web sites, where their bovine excrement is mothers milk.

“Vets-for-Trump” should be for those Veterans who support President Trump, Love and Served our beloved country, stand for our Flag and Anthem, and refuse to be intimidated by a Fake News media and a party of cowards, who hate the President and know they cannot beat him in 2020.



Open the Toggle above for the complete context of Norm’s question which is: “MSGT Kelly, you are wasting your precious time trying to convince demorat activists and Trump haters ….. This brings this proud Veteran for Trump to the question: What the hell are Trump Hating, Trump supporter hating demorats, doing on our Veterans For Trump” web site?


Norm and all who have questioned this in the past,

You are not the first and I doubt the last that questions my reasoning. I will approach the answer from at least two points of view, personal experience and philosophical belief.

Personally I was once a registered Democrat. I was also an agnostic who studied world religions at a young age. Later in life, I became convinced that a more conservative view of life was a better path forward and registered as a Republican. For a short time before that I was a registered Independent but in my state Independents could not vote in Primary elections. At some point, after becoming a conservative I also became convinced that Jesus was who He said He was and became a Christian. If I was brought out of political and religious darkness into the light it is possible for others.

Philosophically I came to the conclusion that someone cannot win an argument without engaging in it. That seems like a no-brainer. It is not like I or anyone came to the conclusions we have without hearing both sides of a debate. As veterans we also took an oath to defend the Constitution. That includes free speech. I know this is an area I can restrict since it is a Vets for Trump website, but I choose not to do so. I also try to answer real-life example questions and wrong statements. Otherwise, I could be accused of setting up “straw man arguments” by the left. I also believe we have a responsibility to the truth.

Some believe we should ignore those who disagree with us. While I do not allow Trump haters to post articles I do allow them to comment. If a comment appears to have a broad consensus of belief and it is wrong I attempt to set the record straight. After reading Jon’s comment I understood that it was the same thing I was hearing from the left all day and it was wrong.

The goal here is not to win the far left. The goal is to win the middle ground. The middle can be won by pointing to the actual thoughts and goals of the far left. Sometimes it is helpful to cite a real example, like Jon’s comment

I believe many of our readers are in the middle. I base some of this reasoning on the fact that we are averaging 20 to 25 thousand visits a month to the website. Of those visits, there are between 49 and 82 thousand pages viewed. Statistically many of those visitors would fall into the persuadable middle.

Websites and blogs are much more effective when compared to Social Media as a tool for education. A higher percentage of intellectuals and those searching for the truth read websites, not Social Media. When was the last time you searched Social Media to answer a question you had? I’m not saying Social Media is a bad thing. It does a great job of creating a community for those with a particular point of view. 

In the end, if we are to be intellectually honest we must allow the other side to have a voice. 

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